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Billy Bishop Toronto City (CYTZ) To Lake Simcoe Regional (CYLS) – $159

Scheduled flights to Lake Simcoe Regional Airport are available.

Departing from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

Day 1
Arrive at Billy Bishop City Airport

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before departure.
If you have difficulty finding our office, please call into customer service at

Day 2

One piece of government issued Photo ID is required for each passenger for check-in

Day 3
Safety briefing and departure

After a short safety briefing, your pilot will escort you to the aircraft.



What is the maximum amount of seats per party? How do group bookings work?

Groups of 4 or more passengers may be cancelled due to load factors such as passenger weight, demand, and baggage quantity. However, we do offer custom charter flights for groups and those flights are flexible in departure times and dates. We try to preserve seats on our scheduled routes for individuals, couples, or lightly loaded groups as larger groups can impact other passengers. Please inquire via phone or email.

Under what circumstances would my flight be cancelled?

A flight or booking may be cancelled with up to 2 hours prior notice. This would be do to either a mechanical issue or weather. The ceiling and visibility must be a certain amount for us to legally and safely take off and land. This is dictated to us by the Air Traffic Control Tower and Transport Canada and therefore out of our control.

Flight between Toronto & Niagara, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Barrie/Lake Simcoe:

Ceiling 600′ AGL, Visibility 2 NM / 5 km, no thunderstorms or freezing precipitation within in vicinity of route.

FlyGTA understands that our scheduled service is a valuable time saving tool in order to attend meetings or catch connecting flights in a time-efficient manner. We strive to get our passengers to their destination as fast as possible. In the case of poor weather in which we must cancel a flight, passengers will be notified in advance.

Flight credit will be given for future use.

How much baggage can I bring?

You are permitted to take one personal article such as a purse, camera bag, brief case, or laptop bag per person (max dimensions of 16 cm x 33 cm x 43 cm).

For an additional $10, you may bring an airline carry-on sized item (max dimensions of 23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm) with a maximum weight of 9 KG (20 lbs).

For an additional $25, you may bring an airline style “checked” suitcase (61 cm x 42 cm x 28 cm) or specialty items such as folding bikes and golf bags. However, depending on the flight, we may not be able to accommodate large or specialty items due to space and weight limitations. We do not issue refunds for baggage exceeding this limit or not being able to accommodate specialty items so please inquire with us. The maximum weight of “checked” baggage is 23 KG (50 lbs).

Pets count as a suitcase and would cost $25. Pets that cannot be held in your lap must be in a cage to avoid affecting other passengers in the case of allergies.

Where is Barrie / Lake Simcoe Regional Airport? Is it true that parking is free?

Barrie/Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (CYLS) is located off Highway 11, just north of Barrie, specifically 224 7 Line N, Oro Station. Parking is free!

What destinations do you fly to and from where?

FlyGTA Airlines is based at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (CYTZ) right in downtown Toronto. We offer scheduled flights between Toronto and Niagara District Airport (CYSN), Kitchener-Waterloo Airport (CYKF), and Barrie/Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (CYLS).

Cancellation Policy

All tickets and tours can be changed or refunded until 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight or tour. Within 48 hours prior to the flight, tickets cannot be changed or refunded. Please be aware that that unsuitable weather or operational factors may force a cancellation. In case of such an event, we will communicate via email at the earliest possible time. Conditions apply, please read our terms and conditions for full details. To reach our office, please dial 1-888-470-4595.