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I’m Hugo Maggi with more than +25 years of travel experience!

You will find my experiences in travelling to exotic destinations is in my blood.

I have been to almost all the corners of the planet.

Adventure and adrenaline rush is my life and I love to explore different cultures.

One of my favourites is the Indian culture. In my early days, I used to ride horses with Sherpas from Missouri to Shimla, to Nepal and back.

I had the advantage of travelling to different countries during my teenage days as my father was a diplomat based in more than 10 countries.

When my father was transferred to South Africa, I started exploring all the travel possibilities and met the bushmen – aboriginal people of South Africa, even tried to learn their language and used to go trekking with them – all this gave me knowledge which I started applying in my professional travel field and started my own tours as a travel guide in South Africa and South America.

The more mature I became I started working more with Canada as a unique and fascinating destination.

Some of my travel experiences that you will love are:

1) Tracking the Wolves

2) The Canadian Arctic – took groups to meet the aboriginal people called Inuit

3) The Yukon Territory

4) The Rocky Mountains & National Parks

5) Trekking in Patagonia crossing the Andes from Argentina to Chile

Not the least, flora & fauna and animals interest me. I love dogs, elephants, horses, dolphins and many more.

I also organize affinity groups to many destinations in the Martial Arts, Health Care and other active fields, some going to Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, China and many other areas where my groups enjoyed the theme experience and also the guide.

The languages I know are English, Spanish, and Portuguese.