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Chris Nowrouzi


David Nissan


Jimmy Nowrouzi


I align scalable processes and projects with corporate strategy and elevate efficiencies by applying Lean Six Sigma methodologies and other universal metrics and analytics tools to achieve operations excellence and consistency while coordinating global workflow across processes and performance to contain labor costs.

Ed Pasquale

Chief Pilot

William Bowmer

Director | Maintenance

Nick Madones

Chief Engineer

Kevin Darban

Director | Operations

Ehsan Paydarnia

Director | Flight Operations

Glenn Thorpe

Director | Sales + Business Development

Glenn’s fascination with Aviation began as a child. Today he’s passionate about transportation and how we move between cities, as well as economic development in Ontario, and North America. He is a well connected and forward thinking businessperson who serves as Chairman of the Board …

Lia Massoumi

Tour Agency Operations

Accomplished hands-on leader, providing guidance and direction to client relations team. Result driven in high demand, rapid change airline environment. Over 10 years of experience in customer experience and process improvement. Skilled in creative thinking and strategic collaborations, building relationships with partner agencies leading to …

Jazz Brar

Director | Client Relations

Hugo Maggi

Director | Tour Agency

I’m Hugo Maggi with more than +25 years of travel experience! You will find my experiences in travelling to exotic destinations is in my blood. I have been to almost all the corners of the planet. Adventure and adrenaline rush is my life and I …