Our Passion for the Skies
To some the sky’s the limit. To us the sky is home.

What We Do

FLYGTA AIRLINES is a Canadian Air Operator, providing business jets, scheduled services, travel agency, and tourism services to North American, South American, and European Markets. The group operates as a traditional airline in the business aviation sector and is a pioneer in modern flight operations. The group includes ‘Visit Canada’ ‘VidaJet’ ‘Unireps’ and ‘Northern Air Solutions’ from it’s 6 locations in Ontario and Quebec.

FLYGTA Airlines prides itself with an award-winning service, and is driven to provide the highest level of integrity, efficiency, and safety to all it’s clientele.


Our Story

FLYGTA was founded in 2015 at Billy Bishop Airport in Downtown Toronto, and has expanded to 6 locations in Ontario and Quebec. Our focus was always to bring industry leading options for consumers, and connect our region to North America without the hassles that traditionally exist. We started from the drawing board, and pioneered the new way of private aircraft travel!

What We're About

Our Mission is to reinvent aviation for a new generation. We consider excellent customer relations and high safety standards paramount to building an airline that provides an unforgettable experience. We have a corporate culture based on three core values:


We value inventiveness and all its virtues.

As a smaller pioneering company we are required to invent new markets and new experiences, using innovation and creativity to provide the best customer experience as cost effectively as possible. We expect our employees to bring forth ideas and be actively involved in finding better ways to evolve and grow.


FLYGTA embodies high ethical & moral standards.

We expect nothing less. Treating our customers with utmost respect and transparency will ensure that we will continue to grow in the future. At the same time, respect for safety is just as important. We will always strive to make sure the customer has the best experience for the best value while adhering to the highest safety standards.


We appreciate our employees and our customers.

Without happy and productive employees, we will not be able to provide the services we desire to allow for happy and satisfied customers. We strive for employee success as that will enable us to succeed and meet our goals.

We provide passenger-first service and are driven to provide the highest level of integrity, efficiency, and safety to our customers.


Our Company

We thrive on operational excellence. We are part of the FLYGTA group of companies which has arms in a schedule airline, cargo operations, tourism operations. executive jet services. aircraft mechanics engineering, and tour agency operations. We are dedicated to the safety of clients, the growth of our economy, and prosperity in aviation. With services for both business and the traveling public, we are the pioneers in aviation’s future.

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